Himalayan Salt Shot Glass

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NATURAL HIMALAYAN SALT TASTE: Our salt shot glasses are hand carved from high-quality natural pink rock salt that is mined from the Himalayas. They add a subtle salty flavour to your shot, taking the edge off the incoming spirit TREAT WITH CARE: Will my Himalayan Salt Shot Glass dissolve after use? No they won't! We estimate at least 80 uses from them as long as you care for them and don't leave liquid in them, be sure to knock back those shots soon after pouring! Just pat dry these unique shot glasses after use and store in a cool dry place NO TWO ARE THE SAME: Each salt shot glass possesses a natural pink glow and due to their material no two shooter glasses are the same NATURALLY ANTI-BACTERIAL: Himalayan salt possesses high antibacterial qualities which make it impossible for germs and odours to survive. Simply rinse with water and the Himalayan salt will do the rest! Pretty neat right? THE PERFECT TEQUILA GIFT: Root7 Himalayan Salt Shots Set come in a beautiful magnetic close gift box and makes a lovely present for your tequila shot-loving friend/family member

Dimensions:16 x 10.3 x 5.5 cm