Devon Made Solid Heavy Oak Doorstop

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Our solid oak handmade in Devon Doorstops will keep any door in its place.

The oak is from PEFC and FSC certified suppliers, meaning you can be sure that the forestry methods are responsible and the stocks sustainable. Most of the Oak comes from the forests of Normandy and from trees designated by the French Forestry authorities for felling. The trees are winter felled, traditionally during a new moon, apparently!

The majority of stock at the moment is a light golden oak colour.

Recycled Oak - each one is unique.

The wood has been sanded then lovingly oiled to protect and enhance the natural look.

Variations in appearance are to be expected. These are not perfect and uniform and there may be visible knots and chips or even gouges out of the surface and shakes - these are the splits oak gets as it ages, they do not undermine the beauty or perfomance and are all part of the character.

Fitted with a quality stainless steel ring. Blocks are oiled, please ensure fully cured before placing on surfaces that could stain.

Size: Approximately starting around 15cm in wdith and from about 20 - 30cm high. Each one is completely individual and sizes and shapes will vary.

Each usually weighs around 6kg but as this is a natural product, this can vary!

If you have a particular requirement, please send us an enquiry after placing the order and we will do our best to get you the right shape, size or weight.