Home Cooking Smoker

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Home cooking smoking oven dish - create deep smoky food with ingenious smoking tray. Fill the base with pre-soaked wood chips (not included), then place the food you wish to smoke on the tray. One can smoke fish, meat and vegetables in your own kitchen - no need to wait for the summer BBQ. The chips will smoke as they heat up and the smoke is trapped by the lid, infusing your food with flavour.

You can infuse your food with many different flavours depending on what you soak your wood chips/pellets in beforehand. You don't just have to soak them in water. Try soaking them in red wine, whisky or even add a bunch of herbs and spices to the mix to achieve a delicious end result, full of flavour.

Heavy-duty stainless steel.

Oven & BBQ suitable.

Not suitable for induction

Size: 37.5cm x 27cm x 6.5cm