Champagne Bucket or Ice Bucket

When it comes to serving and presenting champagne, our Deluxe Stainless Steel Champagne Cooler does its job simply, with the kind of sophisticated flair only wine accessories can enjoy. Like all good metal champagne buckets, it’s highly effective in keeping pre-chilled wines cold, and rapidly lowering the temperature of tepid wines before they are served. There’s nothing worse than fizz that’s warmed up and lost its sparkle, after all.
Put the bucket on display around the home when not in use, and enjoy how light bounces and glitters off the striking, hammered-effect steel. The simple addition of a bunch of flowers, a handful of champagne corks, or the empty bottle of a particularly exquisite vintage, is enough to transform it into a pretty little feature that can light up a room. 
If you can bear to part with it, a good-quality champagne bucket makes a lovely housewarming or wedding gift for someone special. Or, skip the sacrifice, and order two! 
Single bottle champagne bucket
Suitable for all bottles types, including still wine
Made from rust-resistant stainless steel 
Comes with a 5 year guarantee 
Handwash only