Iridescent Single Carafe

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Want a change from big clunky wine bottles? Keen to hide unsightly wine labels? Looking for a more elegant way to serve wine over dinner? Pop this carafe on your table next time you’re enjoying chilled white or rose wine and you’ll instantly feel like you’ve been transported to a beautiful side-street café in Paris.

The 250 ml carafe can hold up to a third of a bottle of wine – that’s the equivalent of 2 small glasses, or one large glass of wine, so you’ll be able to top up your guests’ glasses as they go. The glass has a magical iridescent finish which will glimmer all the more when filled with white or rose wine. It isn’t just for wine though – give table water, juices or cordials special treatment by decanting them in to this carafe, or the open top to aerate red wine before drinking it.

Made of glass
Serve chilled white and rose wine in restaurant style
Easy serving with a compact design
Handwash only