Pro Digital Dual 5Kg Kitchen Scales - Black & Brass

Weigh ingredients in your kitchen with a touch of modern style.

These Pro digital kitchen scales combine a compact, round design with a brushed brass-effect finish.

You can accurately weigh dry and liquid ingredients up to 5 kg (11 lbs) / 5,000 ml (176 fl oz) in mixing bowls and containers, or directly on the platform. As well as making them stand out, the brass-effect stainless steel finish makes the set resistant to stains and odours.

There's tare functionality too: this means you can zero out the weight of containers and bowls before you weigh your ingredients. It also comes in useful for measuring multiple ingredients, without having to empty the bowl each time you add a new one. Just push the 'tare' button, then add your next ingredient - a real time saver.