Pro Wall Mounted Wine Bottle Opener

Enjoying a bottle of wine starts from the very moment you pluck it from the wine rack, or bring it home from the supermarket. Opening a bottle can be notoriously difficult, however, which is exactly what makes  this wine bottle opener a dream for every avid oenophile.

Styled like one of the high-tech mounted bottle openers you’ll find in restaurants and bars, it plucks corks from bottles with ease, using a powerful lever-arm action. Because it’s a wall-mounted corkscrew, it not only looks the business, it’s also perfect for adding a little theatrical flair when hosting, to really get guests excited about the wines to come.

Don’t be deceived by the stylish, brushed-metal style coating, either. Underneath is a sturdy, stainless core, which won’t succumb to rust or stains. Fashionably functional, it promises long-lasting performance and great results, every time you use it.