Sabatier Maison Edgekeeper Self-Sharpening 4 Piece Knife Block

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Providing the professional kitchen experience for the home, this Edgekeeper knife block is a beautiful quality product featuring four sharpening slots. Four knives are included with this striking bamboo block: one 6" Chef Knife; one 5" Chef Knife; one 4.5"  Utility Knife; and one 3.5" paring knife. Each blade is crafted in taper ground, high quality MoV steel with a strong triple rivet construction and sits in its own Edgekeeper slot in the block. Edgekeeper technology sharpens the blade every time it is pulled out, providing optimal performance and excellent results each time you use these knives. Each piece wears the prestigious Sabatier Griffin logo to finish this premium quality design. For meals prepared and served with care and attention Sabatier offers excellent quality, durable products that foodies can be proud of in their kitchen.

Measures 14x22x19CM

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