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Whiskey Stones


Gift Boxed - Whiskey stones

Granite whiskey stones - cool your whiskey down, with out watering it down. Complete with hand storage bag.

Please note these are not meant to be replacment ice cubes - here are the advantages taken from the Whiskey Reviewer site:

"The obvious advantage of granite ice is that it won’t melt, and therefore won’t dilute your whiskey with unwanted tap water flavors. As I discovered, however, that is not the best part of using real rocks for your whiskey on the rocks. Granite isn’t as conductive as water, so it doesn’t have the same chilling power. I found putting three or four granite ice cubes doesn’t have the freezing power of the same amount of ice. The granite mildly cools the whiskey, rather than harshly chilling it, leaving the nose and flavors intact."


Made from recycled granite. Rinse after use and store in your freezer.

9 stones - Box size 15cm x 12cm.

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