Sabatier 5 Piece Self Sharpening Knife Set


This stylish wooden knife block features built-in Edgekeeper technology that ensures flawless sharpening with every use. Through the natural action of taking the knives in and out of the block each knife is sharpened before each use for the perfect cutting edge every time. The set includes the five key blades for any knife collection to cover all food preparation cutting tasks. Each knife is crafted from high grade steel for outstanding cutting performance. Full length tangs ensure exceptional durability and triple riveted handles provide superior strength. The block features a weighted non-slip base to guarantee safe storage.

Set includes:

20cm / 8" chefs knife; 20cm / 8" carving knife; 14cm / 5 1/2" chefs knife; 11.5cm / 4 1/2" utility knife; 8.5cm / 3 1/2" paring knife; 16cm x 23.5cm x 22cm knife block.

Features & Benefits

30 year guarantee

In-built Edgekeeper technology

Includes five knives

High grade steel knives

Full length tangs

Triple riveted handles

Non-slip block

Measures 16x29x29.5CM

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