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Outdoor Furniture Guarantee Terms

Exclusions from cover

The following exclusions apply to our Guarantee Policy for Outdoor Furniture irrespective of the length of the guarantee.

Fair Wear & Tear
This guarantee excludes fair wear and tear and any damage resulting from abuse, whether intentional or accidental including stains, burns, cuts, scratches, tears, scuffs, watermarks, indentations or damage caused by animals. All products can fade when exposed to periods of sunlight.

Polyrattan Weave
The polyrattan weave used in our outdoor range will naturally expand when the material gets hot in direct sunlight. This can lead to a slight sagging but the weave will retract to its original position as it cools down and is taken out of direct sunlight. Please note that the loosening or sticking out of individual strands of weave will not amount to a defect.

Acacia and Teak Wood
The timber in this range has many unique characteristics. These can include cracks, grooves, infill pieces, laminations, knots, holes, colour & texture variations. These features will appear in varying degrees from product to product and are not covered by this guarantee.

Outdoor Furniture Cushions
To help maintain the longevity of the cushions used on outdoor furniture we would suggest the use of a breathable furniture cover . We would also suggest the furniture is checked regularly when covered. During heavier downpours or over extended periods of non-use cushions should be stored indoors.

Improper Use
This Guarantee may be invalidated if you have failed to follow the care procedures in accordance with the instructions detailed on our website.

This Guarantee may be invalidated if any defects, damage and/or faults arise as a result of the products being improperly assembled, stored, used and/or not used in accordance with our instruction manuals

Please note: Exposure to salt water and sea air is known to significantly speed up corrosion of most outdoor furniture. We would therefore suggest that if you live in a coastal area, you should wipe down and dry the furniture with fresh water on a regular basis in order to reduce the impact this may have.