Coastal Blue Nibble Dish


This 10 cm (4") serving bowl is crafted from vitrified ceramic and boasts a glossy, commercial-friendly glaze that is impervious to water absorption. The smooth, glass-like surface ensures protection from scratches and damage from regular use, and can withstand repeated cycles in the dishwasher and freezer, oven and microwave use. Boasting a vibrant splash of colour inspired by sea spray atop cresting waves, reminiscent of the beautiful landscape of Santorini, this striking dinnerware is perfect for matching Greek and Mediterranean cuisine - serve rich Moroccan houmous; vibrant salsa; or even a scoop of refreshing gelato! 

Industrial dishwasher safe

Designed to be washed for a minimum of 300 cycles at 70°C without damage
Oven and microwave safe
Durable vitrified ceramic construction
Stain, odour and scratch-resistant glaze
Low Porosity