Flavoured Sea Salt - Capers & Tomato


Salt is just salt right? Wrong. A human being can’t survive without it as it is a vital mineral our bodies need to function well. Too much is unhealthy but too little is equally dangerous, if not more.

The intense sweet-tart flavor of the sun dried tomatoes and tangy and vinegary taste of the capers are a perfect match and longtime favorite of many. Try pairing our Capers & Tomato Sea Salt with your favorite homemade pasta sauce!

Enjoy our Capers & Tomato flavour Sea Salt with:

Tuna Salad
Bread & Neolea Olive Oil

    How it's made 

    Neolea hand harvested sea salt comes from the Greek seas, among the cleanest seas in the world. Instead of using more traditional ways of letting seawater into an inlet and having the water evaporate, our salt is harvested from the rocks near the sea. This keeps the salt pure and adds nutritional minerals.


    All flavor varieties are packaged in a ceramic jar closed with a cork lid and contain 100 grams. Each flavour is visually different from the other by having a unique color lining matching the flavour - yellow for Citrus, green for Med Herbs, red for Capers & Tomato, and brown for Smoked.