Granite 12pc Dinner Service - 25 Year Guarantee


This gorgeous Granite 12pc Dinner Service features unique reactive glaze decoration and an ammonite fossil-inspired swirl in the centre. The dark brown strip around the lip adds depth to any dish and its durable, non-porous vitrified ceramic construction is stain-resistant, odour-resistant and scratch-resistant. It's also oven-, microwave- and freezer-safe and can withstand up to 70°C hot dishwashers for at least 300 cycles. Its grey surface serves as a perfect backdrop to showcase the vivid colours of fresh ingredients. 

x4 dinner plates 27cm

x4 bowls 20cm

x4 side plates 21cm

Industrial dishwasher safe

Designed to be washed for a minimum of 300 cycles at 70°C without damage

Oven and microwave safe

Durable vitrified ceramic construction

Stain, odour and scratch-resistant glaze

Low Porosity

25 year Guarantee