Orb Mercury Candle Holder


This glass tealight/votive holder looks beautiful both with and without a candle glowing inside. It’s a perfect addition to any decor. Have a cluster of holders to create a dazzling feel in your home. Stunning for use in living, hallways and outdoor spaces

Handmade by artisans in India

Size 10cm high

Many of our products are either handmade or hand finished. Because of this, there may be the occasional imperfection and colour/shade differences.

Our goods are quality checked before leaving the warehouse, We feel that any marks, blemishes, features, etc will distinguish them from mass produced items and visualise them as the artisan produced products that they are, we regard this as normal given the nature of the material the items are created from.

Please note – gentle hand wash only in just Lukewarm water do not use detergent

Candle safety

Do not burn old candles that have been left out, these would have collected dust, oils, remnants of cleaning products and may cause a dangerous burn.

Do not burn near loose fabrics etc, place the candle on a flat surface and keep your candle away from drafts.

Never leave a burning candle unattended!