Silver Oak Tea Light Holder



The Silver Oak Tea Light Holder elegantly combines antique and rustic elements for a luxurious feel - a perfect addition to any home. The golden feather detail creates a warm, inviting glow and a sense of sophistication. Candle not included.

Smaller of the two shown in the picture.

Glass Tealight Care & Safety
Do not burn if the glass is cracked, damaged or scratched in anyway
Do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time
Do not use with a votive or dinner candle
Do not allow the flame to burn against the glass
Do not position the candle holder on or near anything that can catch fire
Candle holders glass may get hot
Burn candles away from walls, overhanging surfaces, draughts and flammable materials
Do not move when the candle is lit or has a molten wax pool