Far From The Madding Crowd

Yesterday was very warm - the same temperature as Corfu, which is not bad for Devon in June!  Good weather, Covid 19 and working from home with the family means trying to find a balance that works - so it was decided a trip to the beach was needed to burn off some energy. Naturally like when we are going on holiday one thing after another happens that delays our start, so a quick morning visit turned into a late afternoon trip, along with our plans the tides had changed…….so the vast sands of low tide Bigbury turned into small beach, rammed with people questionably closer than 2m but never one give up after some wadding, rock climbing the perfect isolated small cove was found. It really hit home that so many people do just roll out of their cars to the first spot but a little searching even on a busy warm day and a little piece of your own paradise can be found. Ours was this small sandy enclosed cove, shallow warm water (ok not warm) but for Devon Bigbury’s shallow sandy expanse is considerably warmer than  many of the other beaches around - indeed the water tempted all of us for our first swim of the year. So go explore but please leave this one for us we will be back ;) 

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